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Christmas Claw

The revisited version of The Claw!, now comes in a Christmas edition that you can’t miss.
New items + new Claws + same gameplay = more fun!

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The Claw

A funny simulation of the typical claw machine, and, as the real one, will drain your credits if you are not careful!
Get all the 30 available prices will you gain levels that unlock special abilities!

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A Mad journey Minigolf

A Minigolf game with a very special style targeting iPod & iPhone plattforms. Play in a Mutant Jungle with carnivorous plants hungry for tasty golf balls, or in an abandoned Fair featuring a haunted castle, and more visually stunning locations!

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Funny Safari

Funny Safari is an arcade game that will test your skills!
Use your photo camera to photography strange and uncommon animals across different locations in the world!

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